Tips to Jump Start Your Walking Regime

Have you found yourself speeding a bit too much time on the couch in recent weeks? It’s easy to slide into the habit of simply moving from the dinner table to the couch after a long day of work from shear mental and physical fatigue. The truth is, you can actually have more energy by simply getting into a strong walking regime. It’s just about the simplest and most effective exercise available to jump start your metabolism. Side effects of excess couch time include lethargy, high blood pressure, weight gain, muscle atrophy and a general lack of motivation. While the first few days of a new walking regime may well require you to dig deep for motivation, the side effects are well worth the effort.  Lower blood pressure, weight loss, muscle development and increased stamina are all side effects of a rigorous walking regime. There’s no better time than today to get off the couch and get started. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of quality, well-fitting athletic shoes from The Walking Company.

Make a commitment to taking a rigorous walk for at least twenty minutes five days per week. In the first few weeks, don’t focus on speed or distance. The initial goal is to establish a healthy habit. Grab a friend, your dog or a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite playlist or podcast.  Within a few weeks, you’ll begin to feel an increase in stamina and muscle strength. Begin to inject bursts of speed during your walks for 2 minutes every five minutes. This will serve to increase your heart rate, burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

Don’t sabotage your new found healthy walking regime with poor eating choices. The single biggest change you can make that will have the greatest impact is the elimination of fast food meals and sugary sodas. Our bodies are not designed to process copious amounts of added sugar and sodium. Bloating, weight gain, digestive issues, onset diabetes and energy swings are all side effects of excess sugar and sodium consumption. Opt instead for water flavored with lemon or lime slices and fresh vegetables and lean proteins. Avoid overly processed foods with ingredients that you can’t pronounce.

Within a few short weeks of your new walking regime and healthy eating choices, you’ll be on track to developing life-long habits that will pay back in many ways for decades.…